(Find Everything On Go)

FindOnGo is a very important app in the network as it allows people to come online, display their products and sell them and manage their stocks, customers and view reports and many more.

Instructors can come to FindOnGo and sell their courses by establishing a store for their courses and the uses go on.

We at FindOnGo are mainly focused in creating an environment where all the entrepreneurs can display their products and share their customer base with each other and grow together. We visualise this environment as a mall where all the stores are placed and people do visit the malls to know the trends or to buy a product and will in turn go for other shops after their shopping is done with one shop and vice versa and hence creating an environment of growing together as oneness.

For a physical store, we need a lot of investments and funds to maintain it but you can do it all online at FindOnGo with just Rs 500 per month and hence encouraging everyone to be an entrepreneur of his own idea rather than being an employee of someone else’s idea.

Customers can search products online at FindOngGo and go buy or enquire about it and go ahead with the purchase and hence the entrepreneurs will be able to sell their products with ease.

What are the Advantages for Entrepreneurs?

Using FindOnGo platform you don’t require any physical store to rent or own. Instead of paying huge amounts as advance and monthly rentals, you can just switch to an online store, where you get access to lots of features which is not possible through offline physical stores.

  • No need of physical store
  • No need to pay huge advances
  • No physical store, so no monthly rents
  • Inbuild POS software management
  • Run your business from anywhere in the world.

FindOnGo Online Store Vs Offline Store

ReasonsOffline StoreFindOnGo Store
Physical StoreYesNo
High AdvanceYesNo
Monthly RentsHighAs low as 500/- per month
MaintenanceHighNo Maintenance
POS softwareRequiredInbuild POS
Printer for billRequiredAutomatic bill email
Profit & Loss TrackingManually calculating/using softwareSales reports auto generated
Order ManagementNoYes
Stock ManagementRequire softwareAutomatically manages stock
Product ManagementManually doneManage with ease
DeliverySelf DeliveryWebyShip/Self pickup/Self deliver
Ease of BusinessRun business from particular placeRun business from anywhere in this world

How is the App Useful?

  • Amidst the COVID pandemic our visits to physical stores must be minimized due to the following reasons:
  1. For suppose you are going to one shop (let’s say it as 1st shop) for a particular product and you did not find the product you want. Then you go to the 2nd  shop searching for that product, unfortunately you don’t even get the product there, but unknowingly you got contaminated with corona virus in the 2nd shop.

Carrying coronavirus with you, you go to the 3rd shop spreading the virus with whomever you meet through the journey and also to the 3rd store. Thus, contaminating yourself and the surrounding people, where the corona virus goes on spreading from one to another just by stepping out for your needs.

Now what if you can just search that particular product online and enquire with the store entrepreneur about the availability of the product and then ordering it from the store in which it is available and the product reaching your home in hours without you going out or you visiting only one store and decreasing the chances of the virus spread or you being affected with the virus. This way you are not affected with the corona virus and not letting others be affected by you, just by cutting the chain through online enquiry and ordering.

  1. FindOnGO has the ease of access to purchase from the  stores you know in that region or comparing the prices from the other stores and then ordering it, or contacting the vendor to enquire about the product you want, and many more.

    How is FindOnGo useful for Vendors(Entrepreneurs)?

  1. FindOnGo comes with a user-friendly backend for the Vendors’ operation. Any person with zero knowledge of App usage can also be adopted to the app easily.
  2. FindOnGo Vendors App comes with the features of Products Management, Orders Management, Sales Management, Stock Management, Coupons Management, Ledger Book, Reports Management, GST Tax information, etc.
  3. Product Management:  

Vendors themselves can add, edit, view, delete the products            anytime they wish to.

Addition of Product, allows you to add the product images, short description, long description, regular price, sale price, HSN code, GST tax percentage (software calculates the amount by itself).

  1. Order Management:

All the orders received, pending, processing, cancelled, refunded, exchanged can be checked over in the Orders Management section.

  1. Coupon Management:

Any type of offer coupons can be created and managed in the Coupon Management.

  1. Sales Management:

Daily wise sales report, weekly wise sales report, monthly wise sales report, yearly wise sales report and particular timing sales report can be tracked in the Reports Management.

  1. Stock Management:

Stock management is automatically calculated and managed by the software itself. Stock quantity is deducted each time order is placed for that particular product.

  1. Shipping and delivery can be done through WebyShip or can also be managed by the Vendors or the customers can self pick their products by their own.
  2. Every purchase order can be tracked in your dashboard provided for each vendor.
  3. By all these functionalities one can do business directly from individual homes without requiring any physical store, paying huge rents, costly POS softwares, manually calculating all your expenses, profits and losses.